House washing Northern Beaches

House washing and pressure cleaning has become allot easier with the addition of new equipment.

I now have a Pressure washer that is capable of 30 litres per minute flow. This is ideal for both pressure cleaning and house washing on the Northern Beaches.

Picture of House washing machine
House washing machine

Many people feel they should not use use a pressure washer for house washing. This is because they feel the high pressure can cause damage to the property. However this view is not always correct as it depends on the pressure and nozzles used.

I use a chemical injector to apply the house wash solution at low pressure. I also have a variety of nozzles on a Jrod that provides low pressure rinsing.

This is where the flow capacity comes in handy. I often use a normal hose to rinse off. This can be problematic sometimes when clients have very low tap pressure. This is where the pressure washer with 30 litres per minute flow can help. My machine runs a Honda engine renowned for reliability and good performance. It also has a buffer tank as some garden taps cannot keep up with the flow of the pump. This makes rinsing allot easier, more thorough and quicker.

I also have a 12v pump which can apply chemicals as well. This allows a batch mix to various strengths as needed. The chemical injection through the pressure washer only draws a maximum amount of chemicals. Sometime you need a stronger mix. For example if a roof has lichen growth this generally requires a stronger mix which the 12 volt pump can deliver.

Picture of House washing machine
Pressure washer
So for those needing House washing Northern Beaches please  contact us  Leonard from Window Washing man on 0402 252 345.

I also cover the North Shore Area and I also offer Pressure cleaning and Window cleaning.