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Window Cleaning Randwick

Window Cleaning Randwick

Window cleaning Randwick. This is the first Window cleaning Jobs in Randwick or the Eastern Suburbs i have done. I generally have most of my work on the North Shore and Northern Beaches. But then i realised if i am working on the Lower North Shore, hopping over the bridge to the Eastern Suburbs does not take that long.


It also provides a bit of a change and i think it’s good to venture into different areas to broaden our horizons.

This house in Randwick required the frames washed as well as the windows. I went around with some anti mould solution and then followed up with a pure water fed pole to wash both the frames and glass. Cleaning with purified water allows the water to dry off without spotting.

Here are some before and after photos.

Dirty frames
Picture of clean windows and nice view


Dirty window frames
Clean frames and glass

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