House Washing Northern Beaches

House Washing Northern Beaches

Now offering House washing Northern Beaches

I have found that during my time of window cleaning their is a big need for House Washing Northern Beaches as the exterior of the house can suffer from the effects of mould, fungus, moss, dirt, pollution and grime leaving the house looking old and tired. Particularly houses that are surrounded by trees, are in Valleys, facing south with low levels of sunlight and bad ventilation seem to be more effected.  So even though having the windows cleaned can improve the look and feel of the house and allows more light it still doesn’t look finished or right unless the whole outside is clean.

This is where House washing can help.

What is house washing.

I use soft house washing techniques which uses the following procedures:

Step 1.

Wet down the surface and apply an external surface cleaner that is chlorine free, biodegradable with disinfecting ability.  Can be used on any surface helping to revive the surface to its original condition.

Step 2.

Brush stubborn areas with a soft brush designed for house washing. High areas can be reached with Carbon fibre extension poles. Allow some time to allow solution to soak.

Step 3.

Rinse off with and enjoy a fresh clean house with anti mould properties that help to stop mould and moss from returning for up to 12 months.

I generally limit high pressure washing for pathways and driveways.


Combine any two services whether its Window cleaning and House wash or Window cleaning and Gutter cleaning save yourself 10% on the total cost.

Here is my first  House wash job Northern Beaches. Brick wall was at the back of the house behind the pool facing south. Every time the client went to hang out the washing she was annoyed at seeing the dirty wall. So only a small job but i am happy to do small and large jobs.

house washing northern beaches

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