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Why do i focus on Window Cleaning Mosman, North Shore and Northern beaches area’s

As a business ownerWindow cleaning Mosman, North Shore and Northern beaches area’s

allows me to keep the business efficient so I can offer a reliable and competitive service to my customers. Seeing that i Iive on the Northern beaches, close to Mosman and the North Shore means it makes more sense to work in the area. This way I am not wasting time in traffic and travel. This means I can then pass on a better savings and service to my customers.

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This does not mean I can’t take on larger jobs as I have a network of other professional window cleaners that I can call on for help for larger jobs.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

The cost for window cleaning depends on various factors including but not limited to some of the following:

The number and types of windows. Colonial windows and louvre windows take more time to clean.

How dirty the windows are and difficulty of access. Is ladder work required?
Do the flyscreens need cleaning – Highly recommended as this will keep the windows cleaner for longer.
I would be happy to come out and have a look to provide a more accurate quote. In the meantime the following will give you a rough guide.

Most Jobs start at around $120 with 2 Bedroom apartment starting around $150. Single level 3 bedroom homes from about the $200 and 4 Bedroom 2 story homes $250 – $500 or higher for some of the homes in Mosman and the North Shore are not standard homes. Some of these large homes can potentially cost more than shown in this guide..

How Often Should I Have My House Windows Cleaned?

The Window Washing Man believes that if you notice the windows are dirty you have left them too long. The cleaning interval should be often enough that you don’t notice the windows being dirty. However I understand this is also dependant on your budget.

Generally I would recommend for most people every 3 to 6 months but this will depend on location and you’re household. Houses closer to the beach gets effected by salt spray. Homes near the bush can be effected by sap and pollen. Homes near traffic can be effected by traffic pollution and the internal glass can also be heavily stained with nicotine from smokers. Children and Pets can also have an effect with dirty marks and the windows.

With some customers we have arranged a more frequent clean for the main living and kitchen areas which are more heavy traffic area’s and is the part of the house that is mostly seen by home owners and guests. Please feel free to discuss these options with me.

Please note that Window Washer Man can provide a regular reminder and schedule regular cleans.

Are you fully Insured?

Yes; I am covered for up to $5,000,000 public liability. I would be happy to provide a copy of my Certificate of Currency upon request.

Will you still come if it is raining?

Yes, provided that it is light rain working at your property it is not dangerous. If it is heavy rain and storms it would generally be best to re-schedule.

However, I leave it up to the client and if required we can re-schedule. Some clients still want the job done particularly if the property is going on the market.

Most people worry that the rain will dirty the windows but this is not the case as rain water is clean and if the glass has been cleaned of dirt and contaminants the water will just run off the clean glass.

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