Window Cleaning Northern Beaches in my new van

Window cleaning Northern Beaches

Window cleaning on the Northern Beaches is now a pleasure in my new Hyundai iload van.

I can finally fit all my equipment.
I started in this business in a little Mazda 2 which was great when i didn’t have allot of equipment. Over time though i have added gutter cleaning, house washing and pressure cleaning to the services offered.

This required more room and has also added to the credibility of the business. I used to get some funny comments from people and customers when they saw that my ladders on the roof racks were so much longer than the little Mazda. I then bought a second hand Subaru liberty wagon as shown in the picture below. This was better and was real nice to drive around and do my Window cleaning on the Northern Beaches.

Subaru wagon

I then bit the bullet and upgraded to a Hyundai iload van. This is so much better. I can fit all the equipment i need, It was such a hassle to constantly load and unload the car with different equipment depending on what jobs i had that day. Then sometimes i had jobs requiring most of my tools. For example i needed my house wash gear, pressure cleaner, gutter and window cleaning equipment all for the one house.

Here is a picture of the new van.

It’s been set up for the business. Roof racks are fitted with quick release ladder straps. I have the conduit carrier which is able to carry some of the Carbon fibre water fed poles. I also have the rear technician step making it much easier to get the ladders on and off the roof racks.

Window Cleaning Northern Beaches in Hyundai iload
Window Cleaning Northern Beaches in Hyundai iload

I have also built a make shift shelf to make better use of the height space in the van as can be seen in the photo below. This section carries all the window cleaning equipment including the Pure water fed tank and hosing.

Window cleaning Northern Beaches van

The rear of the van carries a 12v chemical pump system for the soft house washing and the pressure cleaner for hard surfaces.

Window cleaning Northern Beaches van

So to summarise i would say a van is a great vehicle for a window cleaning or property services business. It’s large with plenty of room and lot’s of extarnal area for advertising or wrapping the vehicle which i plan to doThe only downsize would be the height. It can’t fit in my garage at home and i can’t go into underground car parks that are under 2.1 metres in height.

So for those needing a window cleaning Northern Beaches please call Leonard from Window Washing man on 0402 252 345.

I also cover the North Shore area and i also offer House washing, pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning services.